COVID19 Statement

Rare Bird Hotels’ top priority is the health and wellbeing of all our employees, customers and third parties.

To minimise the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure that both Hotels are a safe place to visit, we are undertaking a number of additional safety measures, these include:

• Enhanced cleaning and sanitising regimes
• Provision of additional hand washing facilities and sanitising stations
• Social distancing measures implemented across the business
•COVID-19 illness reporting procedures for staff, customers and contractors
• Enhanced provision of personnel protective equipment (PPE), where appropriate
• Delivering a certified COVID-19 staff training program across the business
• An ongoing review and verification of our procedures by our Environmental Health Partners Common Sense Compliance Ltd., with each Hotel undertaking a ‘COVID-19’ assessment

As a business we will continue to adhere to regional and central government advice and industry guidelines. Rare Bird Hotels COVID-19 policy has been implemented throughout the business and is in addition to existing food safety management system and health and safety management system.

Rare Bird Hotels management will ensure that adequate finances and resources are provided to enable this policy to be implemented and standards verified.

We will continue to review our COVID-19 policy and update as necessary.

Your support and cooperation at this time is very much appreciated.